"Do you wanna know what one of the worst jobs in the Air Force is?

The following was submitted and is presented in its entirety:

   Do you wanna know what one of the worst jobs in the Air Force is? It is recruiting. Your day starts whenever the hell anybody needs it to and ends whenever they need it to.
   Typical day in recruiting begins...
0600 you get a call that the person that was suppose to be going to that day MEPS backed down. So you are trying to call them to convince them that the Air Force is amazing and the best thing for them.
0710 the flight chief is calling you asking why the person you sent up doesn’t want to join anymore.
0730 Got off the phone with the flight chief and are kissing your kids to tell them have a good day at school.
0800 go to the gym for 20 minutes because your flight chief and MEPs is bothering you. You eventually just go to the office because you are too anxious that you can’t work out.
0900 get to the office flight chief mad at you and said you should of been at the office sooner.
1000 school visit need to be enthusiastic for the school students even though you had a shitty morning because of the person backing out. You do the table set up and get students whom are interested in jobs you can’t get them.
1100 talk to guidance counselor and other faculty members and they do not want you in there school because “college” is the best thing for everybody.
1200 Eat lunch at another fast food joint. Even though you know it is unhealthy but you need to eat.
1230 go out to area of your responsibility that you are in charge of and post Air Force literature and brochures. Most place will say “yeah we will post this” and won’t at all.
1400 get yelled at by flight chief about person that didn’t go to MEPS that morning.
1430 do a appointment with a person whom is very interested in the Air Force. However they do not pass the practice test soon now you have to tell them they are disqualified and need to study.
1530 need to make calls to ASVAB lists to see if they are interested in the Air Force. Most of them are disqualified because of  medical or they said they already joined another branch.
1700 you are finishing up updating people whom are wanting to process the Air Force, all events you did that day, leads you obtained.
1800 get a call from your significant other stating “why the hell do you have to stay late”
1815 leave the office so you don’t get in trouble by your spouse but hit traffic of the way home.
1900 you get home everybody ate dinner and you sit at the table alone.
2000 put your kids to bed and kiss your spouse good night even though they are pissed at you.
2100 after sitting watching tv you get back on your laptop because you have to get more people going to MEPS to make goal.
2230 you get all the people that need to be on the schedule for MEPS.
2300 get a phone call that the person next week that is suppose to go to BMT has change there mind.
0100 convince the person that it is good and they are good to ship off.
   This is the life of a recruiter. Believe me it is worse once you experience it. The goals are high and the Manning is low.