Jinx Da Clown

Waddup, Jinx here! For those of you that are unaware, I am the editor, and one of the bloggers, for the page. I have been with the team for well over three years, and loving every minute of it! I mean, dealing with you crazy fucks is never dull. I can honestly say that writing for the page brings me pleasure, giving me a medium to write that incorporates the flightlines crazy antics. Through this page I have written fiction, nonfiction, satire, and comedic testimonials. But, there is more.

While I was maintaining aircraft and supporting the efforts of this page—along with many other pages—I also complete my Creative Writing Master’s Degree. I know, I know…what a waste of money; right? Good thing the military paid for all of it! Therefore, I am able to write the most fucked-up, demented, Geeky, black comedy, horror shit possible; and if I don’t make money, so be it! Okay, so I do want some money, but more than that I want readers.

maintainers are my people, so why wouldn’t they also be my readers? Maintenance has been my life for 12 years. Makes perfect sense that my writing is fucked up and inappropriate, that’s just a normal day for maintenance. So, if you want some light reading that may not be the next New York Times’ Best-seller, but IS written in the voice, and from the mind of a maintainer; give my work a shot! Links to the kindle/paperback versions of my book are available on Amazon, links are listed below.

Jinx Da Clown

The Devil’s Assassins, Book 1

The Widow Forest, Collection of Stories 1

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